Exotic flavors

2.800 kr.

The general definition of the word exotic is unusual, rare, uncommon or unique, in our case are coffees that have undergone experimental or special processing methods , such as anaerobic fermentation or carbonic maceration, is a coffee that differs from the standard and is approached in a different way.



A truly stunning cup, showcasing both crisp white florals and a stone fruit richness enhanced by the process. The natural, or dry process, is the traditional process, going back generations. When accomplished in a controlled and careful manner, dry processed coffees can produce flavour experiences not found in wet processed coffees, deep fruits and florals, normally with heavier mouthfeel and lower acidity. The cherries are first sorted, and then laid out on in thin layers (2-6 cm) on raised drying beds. These are almost always used for high quality naturals, as they aid airflow around the coffee as it dries, enabling more even drying.

It is very important that coffees are sorted very carefully early on in the drying process, as all of the cherries quickly turn dark brown, making it impossible to separate under and overripe cherries. The cherries are turned frequently to avoid mold formation or over-fermentation, until they reach a moisture content of below 20%, and the outer cherry layer shrinks and blackens. This process takes between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on weather conditions.

Cup score :  87

Bóndi : Cooperativa de cafes

Hérad : Caldas

Ræktunarhæd : 1860m

Yrki : Geisha

Vinnsla : Natural

Ristun : Filter