Valeria kaffi was created to share our love and passion for coffee and a way to go back to our roots and support small producers. We want to be present at every step of production to ensure quality, that's why we created a direct trade partnership with farmers.

We roast in site at our coffee shop and roastery, offering a variety of roasted coffees and different extraction methods, while trying to create a unique experience for our customers, from the die hard aficionado to the casual drinker.

Our Team

My niece Valeria was the inspiration for the name of our coffee shop, the logo is inspired on one of our favorite books ‘The Little Prince’, instead of the planet is a coffee bean, instead of the rose our dogs Roma & Luna, Valeria standing in the bean and wearing an Icelandic wool sweater, Kirkjufell mountain and the beautiful and powerful North Atlantic Ocean.

Hector and Sandy from Kanpo Colombia are the team on the field, helping to close the gap between farmers and the final customer, they are in charge of finding amazing coffees and work together with small producers helping them to obtain better crops every year.

Marta & Jan


Hector & Sandy

Roma & Luna